Hunting in Russia

Russia is one of the most interesting and diverse countries in the world.
It is located on the Eurasia continent, extends from Eastern Europe through whole North Asia, and ends by the Pacific Ocean.
Surface of the country is over 17 million km2, with 144 million people.

We organize hunting trips for:

  • hunting for wood grouse and black grouse in spring runs,
  • individual and group hunting for elk,
  • individual spring and autumn hunting for bear,
  • hunting for wolf and lynx,
  • individual hunting for Siberian roe deer between August and September,

We generally hunt in the following regions:

Kirov, Kostroma, Kurgan.

It is possible to organize a hunting trip for large bears or elk at Kamtchatka.
There are many ways of hunting in Russia.
From mating grouse which are caught during their song to hunting at baiting stations for wolves, bears and lynxes.
Bears can be also hunted for at oat fields late summer.
Generally bears and elks are hunted with traps, rarely from march, depending on conditions at the hunting ground.
Wolf and lynx can also be shot when hunting in group with rope at a fence.
One thing is certain.
Each such hunt is not only full of beautiful views, but also of excitement; it ensures great trophies and adventure of your lifetime.
If you are interested, please contact us.